Dining room turned library, finally! Dining room turned library, finally!

Hello my friends and happy weekend! Hope you have a fun (or just relaxing!) one planned. We’ve made a big stride in finally transforming ...

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9:12 AM

Giving thanks craft Giving thanks craft

Hello everyone! Today’s post is perfect because I’m feeling especially warm and fuzzy and thankful! My husband and I just got home from a tr...

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8:19 AM

Simple fix: Filling holes Simple fix: Filling holes

Hey heeeey. I’m back today with a quick DIY tip! This one will come in handy if you ever go to paint furniture or kitchen cabinets and want ...

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7:17 AM

Bay window progress! Bay window progress!

Hello my friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I’m back with an update on the bay window we’re reworking in the kitchen. I told you...

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6:10 AM

The cutest countdowns The cutest countdowns

Hey there everybody! Happy FRIDAY! Can you believe how fast the time is going? It was JUST August. It’s freaking me out. Did you realize t...

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8:05 AM